Choosing an email marketing tool directly impacts the performance of your email campaigns. These email marketing services have been around for decades. As part of online marketing, email marketing is still the most effective marketing strategy today when considering Return on Investment (ROI).

When working or importing data into Excel spreadsheets from web pages, systems or CSV files, Excel may recognize some numbers and convert them to standard text type. Changing even temporarily the Excel settings helps to reduce the amount of manual work and the number of errors in replacing comma by period, semicolon, semicolon by comma, etc. Working with international data in Excel configured in Portuguese can be a real nightmare.

HTTP 3 is the new version of the HTTP protocol, HTTP/3 support has been in place since September 2019 in the Chrome trial version, although it is not yet enabled by default in any browser, in 2020 it started to have non-support default in stable versions of Chrome and Firefox and it can now be activated. For Apple's Safari browser, experimental support for HTTP/3 was added to the Safari Technology Preview on April 8, 2020.

You started to create a vegetable garden in your house, or a mysterious plant started to grow in one of your pots, now what? How do you know what kind of plant this is? In the past, it was necessary, and maybe even in some situations, to rely on the wisdom of an older relative, to appeal to grandma or grandpa, who uses plants for everything.