You started to create a vegetable garden in your house, or a mysterious plant started to grow in one of your pots, now what? How do you know what kind of plant this is? In the past, it was necessary, and maybe even in some situations, to rely on the wisdom of an older relative, to appeal to grandma or grandpa, who uses plants for everything.

If your application is starting to send more than a hundred emails, it's probably time to look for a service that specializes in this. In addition to taking care of the entire shipping process, many of the services offer more advanced tools for shipping control, monitoring deliveries, openings and other very useful statistics.

Transactional emails are a type of automated email between the sender and recipient. Unlike promotional emails, a transactional email is triggered by events, interactions with a service or a platform and not with a company itself. They are usually pre-programmed and triggered after an interaction, such as creating an account that requires email verification.

You've probably heard someone use the term Startup in some conversation, in recent years we've never heard that word as much as we used to! The term has become popular due to the growing number of innovative new companies, oops, I've already delivered a part… But do you really know what defines a startup?