HTTP 3 is the new version of the protocol HTTP , HTTP/3 support has been around since September 2019 in the Chrome trial version, although it is not yet enabled by default in any browser, in 2020 it started to have non-standard support in the stable versions of Chrome and Firefox and it can now be activated. For Apple's Safari browser, experimental support for HTTP/3 was added to the Safari Technology Preview on April 8, 2020.

Some sites have already started using the new version of the protocol, such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many others .

What is HTTP?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP for the most intimate is a set of rules for transferring data such as text files, images, audio, video and other multimedia files.

When you type a website into your browser, it's behind the scenes sending a request HTTP requesting the desired page to some web server. Think of internet protocols as traffic rules, they are necessary for all cars (data) to reach their destination (customer).

the protocol HTTP was developed together with the markup language HTML to create the first interactive web browser experience. Until today, the protocol remains the main means of communication on the internet! You can check in more detail what HTTP is and its history in this article .

What's New in HTTP3?

The new specification promises a faster, better and safer web experience.HTTP 3 is intended to simplify the TCP handshake (it's a 3-way handshake, Hi ; Hi again; ok you got my hello ).In short, connections are established faster using QUIC Protocol , which is something relatively new too.

This enhanced connection establishment promises a better connection migration that mainly takes place between WiFi connections and mobile networks.

Lastly, QUIC also tries to update TCP's slow start, allowing higher speeds to be reached more quickly.QUIC tries to increase the congestion window exponential for this.This will be an important gameplay update in cases like stay and video streaming in Ultra High Definition or higher.

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