When we need to focus to solve that difficult problem, that code that locks our mind, or simply to remove all that external noise, whether at home office (who has never had a problem with a drill?), or in the face-to-face office with all those conversations around . It is scientifically proven that music can put us in the right mood and trigger the flow of ideas. The problem is that finding the right song is not easy, so I put together this list with the playlists I listen to the most in my daily life, if you need to find the right song to develop and focus better on work, you’ve come to the right place. But Henrique, I don’t have Spotify… Leave in the comment which app you use and we’ll find a way!

1. Coding beats

Coding beats it’s a well-balanced playlist, perfect for those days when concentrating is hard.

2. Aesthetic Lofi

If you are looking for a playlist with light beats and music that is extremely pleasant to the ear, go to Aesthetic Lofi .

3. Lofi Coding

Lofi Coding It’s for those looking for something quieter, that inspires inner peace so they don’t punch the computer.

4. Lofi Coders

Another playlist with songs to soothe the soul, Lofi Coders can prevent you from cursing a colleague.

5. codefi / lofi beats

codefi / lofi beats it’s more of a good playlist to calm the mind.

6. Chill Lofi Study Beats

Chill Lofi Study Beats brings some songs focused on deeper beats.

7. Chasing Sunsets

If you’re looking for a livelier playlist for your work session, Chasing Sunsets It’s definitely one of the best playlists in my opinion.

8. Ibiza Lounge Music

Another lively alternative, Ibiza Lounge Music it will make you feel like you are working in a very relaxed and lively vibe.

And you? Do you have a favorite playlist for those moments of focus? Share it with us in the comments!

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Thank you bro, there are a lot of good music.

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