Transactional emails are a type of automated email between the sender and recipient. Unlike promotional emails, a transactional email is triggered by events, interactions with a service or a platform and not with a company itself. They are usually pre-programmed and triggered after an interaction, such as creating an account that requires email verification.

There are several uses for transactional emails, we'll talk a little about the main uses of this type of email:


Perhaps the most common use of transactional emails is to confirm a user's action. When a user creates an account, or makes a purchase, a transactional email is triggered to inform the user that this action has taken place successfully.


Alerts and notifications sent by platforms and applications are a very common type of transactional email. For example, when a user wants to receive notifications of interactions that have taken place on your service, or when you want to inform your user of any possible changes to your account or service.


Many platforms provide tools to invite other users to their service. When a platform allows your user to use your channel instead of opening your email program and sending it directly, we can consider that interaction as transactional email.

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