I don't consider myself a person with bad taste, but when it comes to creating art I end up taking a long time to reach an acceptable result. As life is increasingly busy, and ideas for posts increase, I decided to look for tools to help me in this process. That's when I came across 3 excellent, friendly and best of all tools: FREE !



Snappa is my "go-to" tool, it has a very user-friendly creation interface, dozens of art formats and templates, all to help you get that initial kick-start in your creativity! Your free account allows:

  • 1 User
  • 600,000+ HD Photos and Graphics
  • 5,000+ Templates
  • 5 Downloads per month
  • two Social networks

Just to make it clear: I wasn't paid to advertise the tool, I really like it…



Canva is an excellent alternative when you exceed your limit of 5 Snappa downloads… The vast majority of the main features are free, however for more advanced uses you will need to purchase a premium account.



Finally, Stencil, even though it is a simpler tool than the others, it still does the job! In its free version it allows:

  • 10 Images per month
  • 10 favorite images
  • Photos limited
  • Icons limited
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