I recently came across an article from lifehacker talking about the security of chrome extensions. A study was carried out by the security company Duo Labs, with the tool CRXcavator , a web application that analyzes extensions and provides a security report based on ongoing reviews of the Chrome Web Store .

This article caught my attention, I use a lot of extensions in my daily life ( Wappalyzer, Nimbus Screenshot, Trello ), if you're like me and install extensions without worrying about anything, it's worth reading:

Security Review: Chrome Extensions and Apps

"According to your blog , the reports provided by Duo Labs are not just based on January data. The company has been automating its analytics, scanning the Chrome Web Store and updating the information every 3 hours.

To get this information, just type in the search the name of the extension you want to check with CRXcavator. The report details all the data and ranks the extension with a grade by security level. If you don't like your search results, the tool provides a list of links to extensions related to your reports so you can easily find alternatives for that extension."

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