Finding inspiration and references is often not an easy job, being up to date with the latest news and trends is not an easy job either. That's why it's important to be always following design references websites and blogs, it helps to keep our minds sharp and updated. As I come from a more development background, for me it is always a difficulty when I need to venture into the design world, so I decided to share with you a list of the best design sites for you to follow.

Best design websites and blogs in Portuguese

We will start our selection with Brazilian blogs, after all, we need to exalt the internationally recognized creativity of our people.


Designerd was born from a college project and today is one of the best design blogs in the country. The blog counts in its history with several awards in Brazil and abroad, reinforcing its importance in the segment.

The blog has course sessions, articles, news and inspirations, definitely a huge collection of great design content that you should follow.

Brainstorm 9

Brainstorm 9 is not an exclusive blog about design, it basically covers all marketing segments, being important for any professional working in communication and advertising. In it you can find everything about games, cinema, music, photography, social media and business. B9 has also stood out with its contents in the form of podcast , always treating news and challenges in this market with good humor.


Criatives is a blog that, as the name says, deals with everything about creativity, whether it's about art, inspiration and creativity, news, always with a creative perspective, simple and easy-to-understand language. Definitely a blog that designers can't help but follow.

good tutorials


Good Tutorials started as a personal blog to annotate articles and personal inspirations. Today, for 6 years, the blog has shared articles about design to the community.



Behance is not exactly a website or blog, it is a network of websites and services specializing in self-promotion, including consulting and online portfolio sites. It is owned by Adobe. In it you can find inspirations from around the world, including Brazilian designers.



Dribbble, in the same vein as Behance, is not a website or blog, but an online community for the exhibition of artistic content. It works as a portfolio and networking platform for graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, and any other creative area.



Pinterest is a social network primarily for sharing photos. Many use it as an inspiration board, where we can share and manage themed images, such as games, hobbies, clothes, perfumes. Though not designer-specific, it's very practical and easy to find creative inspiration.

Best English design websites and blogs

As in virtually any segment, the widest variety of content is in English, so I've put together a list of the best English sites and blogs that you should also follow.

Dropbox Design

You've probably used, or at least heard of, the Dropbox file sharing service at some point in your life, but did you know that it also has a blog?And he's really good at it, with a series of articles on the topic of UX, with topics that include user search, project management, and design tools.


Abduzeedo is a collective blog of individual writers who share articles on architecture, design, photography and user experience.Founded by Brazilian designer Fabio Sasso in 2006.

Design Week

Founded in 1986, Design Week was the UK's leading design magazine until 2011, when it left the offline world and became online only.It brings high-quality, well-written news and inspiration across graphics, brands, interiors, digital content, products, furniture, and more.

Creative Boom

The Creative Boom website celebrates, inspires and supports the creative community and has a great section on graphic design to give you a lot of inspiration.

Creative Review

Founded in 1980, Creative Review is the world's leading monthly magazine in advertising and design.It has the same high quality journalism on its website, which brings a series of news, reviews and reports from the creative world.

The Diet

The Dieline is a very focused product design site, a place where the community can review, critique and stay informed about the latest trends in the industry and check out the design projects being created in the field.


99U is an Adobe blog that aims to help anyone in a creative profession develop their careers.It's packed with quality articles on leadership, productivity and marketing.

Creative Block

Creative Bloq features tips, interviews and analysis drawn from four print magazines: Computer Arts (graphic design and branding), net (web design), 3D World (animation / VFX) and ImagineFX (art).


Looking for inspiration from real projects?So you need to check out Masterpicks.This image-based blog introduces you to a new handpicked design project every day, in UX and UI design, illustration, animation, 3D art, graphic design, branding, industrial design and photography.

Digital Arts

Digital Arts provides inspiration, advice and tutorials for digital creatives in branding and graphic design, illustration, UX and interactive design, animation, VR and VFX.

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