Many people ask me where I start to learn programming and where do I find free courses. I believe that everyone should learn to program, just as I believe that everyone should have a blog to share knowledge. Today the internet is full of free content for you to learn, courses, tutorials, videos, and there are plenty of options for you to learn anything.

The hardest part of learning to program is the same as learning anything else, to start ! My tip is that you have a project in mind, having a final goal helps you not to get discouraged on the way, always think about: divide to conquer. Don't look at what you're learning thinking that it's a long time before you become a good programmer, one if/else at a time, and you'll soon get there.

I recommend you read this article , it explains a little bit about the JavaScript language and its uses.

From my own experience, I believe the best way to learn JavaScript is to start with the frontend, and that involves learning some HTML and CSS. I say this because with the browser's visual encouragement, you see your programming happening, it brings a very good feeling of achievement and will make you not get discouraged on the journey. Most of the quality and free content is in English, so tune your English and let's get down to business, I've put together a list of courses and tutorials to learn JavaScript!

1. Udemy

Udemy - Free JavaScript Courses
Udemy – Free JavaScript Courses

THE Udemy is one of the most popular course platforms today, it has courses in several categories, paid and free. The interesting thing is that their courses are made by anyone who has the disposition, it is a marketplace of courses, with excellent professors. You can choose any of the free JavaScript courses in this link and start studying today.

two. Video Course

For those people who like to learn from video, the Video Course prepared a very nice material. A series with over 30 videos teaching you everything you need to learn about Javascript and ECMAScript, it's really worth checking it out!

3. Rocketseat

Rocketseat - Free Javascript Course
Rocketseat – Free Javascript Course

Rocketseat is a reference in the development community, they have several tools to teach, they form an extremely strong and collaborative community, as they call themselves: they are more than a technology education platform, we are an amazing community of programmers in search of the next level. They provided a free javascript course very interesting.

4. codeacademy

Codeacademy - Introduction to Javascript
Codeacademy – Free Javascript Course

the course of introduction to javascript by Codeacademy is an excellent starting material, very didactic and with a certification very well regarded by the market, nationally and internationally.

5. freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp - Free Javascript Course
freeCodeCamp – Free Javascript Course

freeCodeCamp has been with us since 2014, offering quality courses and content. If you are a beginner and looking for an excellent course with interactive material, the freeCodeCamp course is made just for you.

6. Learn JavaScript

Learn JavaScript
Learn JavaScript

THE Interactive Tutorials is a personal project, designed to make everyone in the world free to learn to code. The servers used to run the tutorials and the time invested in creating the tutorials are financed through advertisements. Although it's a bit basic and not as didactic, they manage to cover a good foundation that a beginner needs to learn Javascript.

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