You need to change the password of a user account in Linux, perhaps to access sftp or ssh in Ubuntu.How to change a user's password on Ubuntu Linux?

Your Ubuntu Linux account information is stored in a file named /etc/passwd and the encrypted password in /etc/shadow . Fortunately, for your security, it is not possible to access passwords already stored in clear text. 

How to Change a User Password in Ubuntu

  1. Open the terminal by pressing ctrl + Alt + T
  2. To change the password for a user named tom in Ubuntu, type:
    sudo passwd henrique
  3. To change the root password on Ubuntu Linux, run:
    sudo passwd root
  4. And to change your own password for Ubuntu, run:

How do I change user account password in Ubuntu?

Open a terminal window again.Enter the following command to change the password of a regular Ubuntu user account called Henrique :

sudo passwd {username}
sudo passwd henrique
sudo passwd marques


This is a quick tutorial on how to change any user's password on Ubuntu Linux, remembering that you will always need to have elevated access and run commands using the sudo .

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