You've probably wondered if it's possible to make money on the internet? Yes, it's possible, but it's not as miraculous and easy as many people out there sell. There are several ways to earn money on the internet, but let's talk about one in specific: Affiliate program .

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program allows anyone to earn money by recommending and selling products and services. Basically, you register as an affiliate in a specialized platform or a virtual store, you receive links to products and services that you need to advertise, you earn money through a commission if any sale is made from its disclosure.

Large companies adopt this model in order to pulverize and expand their marketing pitch and sales conversion rate.

Best affiliate programs

There are several affiliate programs on the internet, we will talk about the most famous and consolidated in the market. Each platform has its way of commissioning, the most common ones are based on some metrics, they can vary by platform and product.

  • CPA (Acquisition Cost) : The affiliate is paid when a user makes a purchase through a promoted link.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) : The affiliate is paid for each click on a link or banner.
  • CPM (cost per thousand) : The affiliate is paid for every thousand views of an ad.

1. hotmart


Hotmart is the largest and most complete distance learning platform in Latin America. 

There are more than 150 thousand registered products, 5 million students and sales made to more than 188 countries

More than that, Hotmart offers, in a simple and practical way, a space for those who want to create or promote a digital product. Enabling anyone to teach their best to the entire world. 

A fully integrated platform with the best solutions to scale any digital business. All this, with no monthly fees or membership fee, just a percentage when there are sales. 

two. monetize


Born in 2015 in Belo Horizonte, Monetizze came up with the proposal to change the digital market, bringing more transparency, quality and attention to affiliates and producers in the sale of digital and physical products.

Márcio Motta, founder of the platform, focused on his mission, scheduled during the night for the dream to come out of the paper, while keeping his job to pay the bills at home.

3. Magazine Luiza


Magalu, the Brazilian's darling virtual store, has a really cool affiliate program. With it, you can create your own store, with an exclusive link with all the products on the official website.

4. Amazon


The Amazon Affiliate Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their sites. With millions of products and diverse programs available on Amazon, members can use simple link-building tools to direct audiences to their recommendations and monetize eligible purchases and programs.

5. eduzz


In the case of infoproducts, Eduzz offers a safe, transparent, very easy and efficient way for affiliates to find, disseminate and sell Digital Content in high demand. It's like having a huge sales force working to generate new business.

Being an Eduzz Affiliate is having a real arsenal of advertising tools that help to bring these products to potential buyers, sharing commissions with infoproducers.

Available products are evaluated in advance by our team. Only products with high sales potential are displayed in our window.

6. Udemy


Promote a product that is always useful, desired by people, and that never goes out of style: thousands of online courses in hundreds of categories! The affiliate program is managed by Rakuten, so I suggest you look at the next topic.

7. rakuten


Whether you're a blogger, influencer, app developer or company, Rakuten Advertising's premier global affiliate network helps you make money from your digital content and create better experiences for your visitors. Partner with top brands in every industry, from fashion to financial services.

Voted the industry's #1 Affiliate Marketing Network for nine consecutive years, Rakuten Advertising unites consumers and leading brands around the world like never before. 

There are several affiliate programs available, which make it possible to earn money online without even having the product, developing the course or providing the service. The ability to generate income will depend on the products you select and the way and channels you decide to promote, in the beginning it may not be easy but with a little persistence and patience it is possible to develop an extra source of income, but there is no solution miraculously for this, you need to study your niche, the best way to convert sales with your audience.

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