Internet of Things (from English: Internet of Things, IoT ) is a concept that refers to how physical objects are connected and relate to the environment, to each other and to the human being. Basically any physical device with the ability to connect and transmit data can be considered a IoT .

The 'Internet of Things' concept was proposed in 1999 by Kevin Ashton at the MIT Laboratory, where research was carried out in the field of network radio frequency identification (RFID) and sensor technologies. Today, the term 'Internet of things' means the advanced connection of devices, systems and services. Goes beyond the traditional concept M2M of machine to machine and encompasses a wide variety of protocols, domains and applications. ( Wikipedia )

I'm briefly explaining what it is IoT to debut a new category on the blog. For those who don't know, I started programming when I was very young, around 12 years old in robotics class, at the time the classes were taught using the Lego Mindstorms (nostalgia moment) and since then it's been a passion of mine to ride little robots.

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