This type of campaign can be a cliché, but remembering your client's birthday shows you care, generating an opportunity to maintain or renew communication with your client by offering a discount coupon, freebie or even a simple congratulations already works.

According to a study carried out by the Unit of Experian Global Marketing Services Anniversary campaigns have higher rates than promotional emails at 481% transaction, 342% revenue rate and 179% unique clicks.

Gifs and more gifs…

The use of gifs brings a cheerful and relaxed tone to your email, but be careful use them sparingly so as not to overdo the informality.


AME Email Marketing Anniversary


Curriculum Email Marketing Anniversary

Pi Investments

PI Investments Email Marketing Anniversary

Clean, simple and objective!

That old story of less is more is never wrong.


Monetus Email Marketing Anniversary


Inter Bank Email Marketing Anniversary


Rich Email Marketing Birthday

bold design

Investing a little time in your design demonstrates affection and concern for the customer.


Submarino Email Marketing Anniversary

Moved Used Cars

Movida Used Cars Email Marketing Anniversary

Online Shipping

Online Shipping Email Marketing Birthday
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