Favicon, "Favourite Icon" (Favorite Icon) , is an image used by browsers to graphically represent a page on the Internet. Previously, the only accepted format was ".ico" and 16×16 pixels in size, but nowadays we can use other formats such as ".png", ".jpg" and ".svg" and sizes. Currently, favicon is commonly used to:

  • navigation bar
  • favorite bar
  • desktop icons
  • mobile home screen icon

Most browsers will by default look for a file in the root of your site called "favicon.ico" but we can provide another location and sizes for the icon via the html <link /> tag.

HTML Link Tag

If we don't want to use the standard browser method to display the icon and also to provide size variations we use the html tag <link />.

<link rel="" type="" sizes="" href="">


The property "rel" means "relationship" and is used to indicate the relationship of the link in question to the page. In very old browsers the value "shortcut icon" was used, however we will focus on the modern and most used ones, so we will use the value "icon".

<link rel="icon" type="" sizes="" href="">


The "type" property indicates the MIME format type of the file being referenced. For example: For a file in ".ico" format we use "image/x-icon", whereas in ".png" format it would be "image/png". Although not a mandatory property, it is recommended to support older browsers (IE9 and IE10).

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" sizes="" href="">


The "sizes" property is used to indicate the size of the icon being referenced. As we can provide optimized versions for different uses, here we tell the browser what size and so it knows which icon is best to use in each case.

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" sizes="228x228" href="">


The property "href" indicates the location on the server of the referenced file.

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" sizes="228x228" href="/icons/favicon.ico">


browser Tag Link: "rel" / "type" Accepted Formats
IE 8 or earlier rel="shortcut icon" .ico
IE 9, IE 10 rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" .ico
IE 11 rel="icon" type="image/ x-icon or png or gif " .ico, .png, .gif
Chrome rel="icon" type="image/ x-icon or png or gif " .ico, .png, .gif
Firefox rel="icon" type="image/ x-icon or png or gif " .ico, .png, .gif, .svg*
Safari rel="icon" type="image/ x-icon or png or gif " .ico, .png, .gif
Opera rel="icon" type="image/ x-icon or png or gif " .ico, .png, .gif

Mobile Devices

Some mobile browsers allow the creation of shortcuts on the home screen and for this we can provide images with optimized quality and sizes:

Device / BrowserTag Link "rel"Sizes (size)
Apple / Safarirel="apple-touch-icon" or
76×76 – iPad 2 and iPad mini
120×120 – iPhone 4s, 5, 6
152×152 – iPad (retina)
180×180 – iPhone 6 Plus
Apple / Opera Coastrel="icon"
Android / Chromerel="icon"

Most used sizes

Finally, I have separated a list with most sizes used and by whom:

Size Name Use
32×32 favicon-32.png Default for most browsers
57×57 favicon-57.png Standard for iOS and iPhone home screen up to 3rd generation
76×76 favicon-76.png iPad Home Screen
96×96 favicon-96.png GoogleTV
120×120 favicon-120.png retina iPhone
128×128 favicon-128.png Chrome Web Store icon and Windows 8 Start Screen
144×144 favicon-144.png IE10 metro icon *
152×152 favicon-152.png iPad
167×167 favicon-167.png Retina iPad
180×180 favicon-180.png iPhone 6 plus
192×192 favicon-192.png Google Developer Web App Recommendation
195×195 favicon-195.png Opera Speed Dial (Version 15 and earlier)
196×196 favicon-196.png Chrome home screen shortcut on Android
228×228 favicon-228.png Opera Coast icon

Favicons generator sites

To make our lives easier there are sites that generate all major sizes automatically:

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